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Little Tidbit

So I was thinking (dangerous, I know :-) there are little tidbits of being a mature expat that might be of interest to some. This little tidbit is health.

Fortunately for me, my Qigong practice is my health care system so I take no medications and have very good health. I also have a regular exercise program that I practice which compliments qigong. I cannot speak to hospitals, to clinics, to doctors, to pharmacies and cannot speak to medical issues and medications.

I can speak of maintaining a regular mind-body practice like qigong and incorporating meditation into the practice. I can tell you that with regularity of practicing qigong I have noticed many health changes for the better. I used to have a chronic knee problem which has gotten less chronic and to the point that I do not even notice it anymore. Qigong has also helped me with balance, with being in the energy flow and...

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Ahh the experience…

On the Oaxacan Pacific coast, being in a coastal town on a daily basis can be very taxing on your systems…your physical system, your electronic systems and your life’s perception system. I am so glad I have my qigong practice that helps keep me balanced and in systems’ order.

The physical system is taxed with the high heat temperatures and the high humidity. Should you go out walking at mid-day on a bright sunny day, I suggest you take water and have good skin protection. Physically you can dehydrate easily and your skin can burn lobster red. Not to mention the eye protection suggested. The sun is brutal and can wreak heat rash, heat stroke, heat related issues, white flashes in the eyes, and more.

The electronic systems are taxed with the humidity and they are also affected by the salt in the air. Electronic items like televisions, CD/DVD players, video games and other electronic...

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“Seen.is” - The New Social Media

Have you heard about the new alternative social media site called Seen.is??
If you haven’t then listen up social media fans!

Seen.is has to be the most innovative alternative social media site to come into the scene (no pun intended :-).

The site promotes the following:

Seen works like the other very famous and popular social networking site where you can see people’s Faces, but we don’t have such heavy handed demands on your privacy. Seen is hosted in Iceland and subject to their very protective privacy laws. *No Google or other search engine spidering. If you delete something, it’s deleted! *No filtering of your news to your friends. *No censorship (other than Terms of Service for bad things (like pornography, which we don’t allow). *We don’t require any ID, phone number, etc, like some of the other sites are starting to do. Yikes! We support ourselves with subscription...

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Changes, changes = Improvements

OK, OK, so I have not written for a few days. I know a writer not writing can be considered not a writer…but hold on there good buddy! A writer is always looking for new tools and new ideas. I figured I needed to have a website to compliment my blog site. My new idea was to start a website.

That is precisely what I have been doing these past few days. As with starting a blog site, I have no idea what I am doing. I have been learning a lot since starting this blog site. I have been reading new material and gaining more knowledge into how to write, how to express and how to be creative. I hope to do so with learning about websites.

I know, I know. You are probably asking yourself what is wrong with me. Why don’t I already have a website? Why don’t I already know how to set-up, maintain and develop a website? Why don’t I already have this skill under my belt? Most everyone...

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Wow! No Internet Service.

Traveling or living in Mexico can sometimes bring you the opportunity of tuning out because, wow!, no internet service.

I just experienced no internet service for several days in the home I have been living. This can happen quite frequently during the rainy season here on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. To the dismay of Telmex, the national (only) telecommunications company of Mexico.

Note: Please read my previous article on the southern Pacific coast–


Here, now on the Emerald Coast is the season of rain, thunder and lightning. These elements of the weather can make for black-outs, brown-downs, power surges, power fluctuations and short circuits in electronics and electronic equipment.

Ouch! Your computer, your laptop (if plugged in), your sound system, your TV or any other device plugged into a socket can get fried...

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Emerald Coast of the Pacific

The lush Oaxacan, southern Pacific coast with emerald green ocean waters is waiting for you to enjoy all a tropical paradise can offer.

“La Costa Esmeralda”, as it is known in Spanish, is the home to the Mexican surfing pipeline of the southern coast. Many tourists come to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, to enjoy the sun, the sand and the surfing lessons. There are several companies that offer the beginning surfer anything from a mini-lesson to a complete lesson program for a range of costs. Just a search of “surf lessons in Puerto Escondido” will yield plenty of results.

“La Costa” is home to a great many foods…
…like the many different kinds of mole
…like homemade, hand rolled corn tortillas cooked on a comal
…like the many different kinds of tamales, empanadas and enchiladas
…and like the many different kinds of spicy salsas that are just as much part of the appetizer as they are part...

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3 Phases of the Life Cycle of Creativity & Sure Tips

You have no idea what you may be sitting on.
Your creative instincts are so necessary.
You are sitting on the possibility of your Genius!

So, continuing with the creative expression subject matter, thanks to material I have been reading from Sandra Joseph, here is my compilation of the three phases of the life cycle of creativity.

1) Preparation - everything and anything to do with getting ready to have fun with your creative expression project…be prepared with all materials, research, data, all needed.

2) Flow - everything to do with being in the flow of the actual creatively expressed project and all the fun and enjoyable actions required to start and finish your project.

3) Surrender & Appreciate - surrender your creative expression to the universal energies with a smile and pride at having finished your project, and with appreciation for the opportunity to...

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Creative Expression

Continuing my research and training into writing, there is always the component of creative expression in writing. Whether you are creating sales or marketing content, creating a newsletter or just plain writing for yourself, your writing benefits from creativity.

In Tibetan, there is a word for “authentic presence”: wangthang (literally translates “field of power”)…“The cause or the virtue that brings about authentic presence is emptying out or letting go. You have to be without clinging.“

Did you know that expressing your authentic voice is one of the most anxiety-provoking, raw, excruciatingly vulnerable things you can ever do.

Creative expression takes tremendous courage and internal fortitude to put your originality out there. That is precisely why so many people never do it. So summon your courage, empower yourself and give voice to the creative soul within you!

It may...

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Here’s the Scoop

Since I just started doing this, thought I might give you the scoop on where I am coming from, some of what I like and just a quickie on some of me.

I like writing. I am a real novice to published writing, but I have been writing since I learned how to write. I like writing from my soul. I like writing about the spiritual, the sacred or the ceremonial. I like travel writing. I like informational writing. I like educational writing. I like writing.

I like to travel. I have been traveling since I graduated from high school…and that has been several decades. I have been from Canada to South America, from the Bahamas to Hawaii and several parts between.

I like many varied and multi-faceted subjects, things, humor, places, people, humor, events, thoughts, humor, beliefs, relationships, humor, education as student and teacher, mind-body practices, meditation and did I say...

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The Blog Leap

OK, so I have had this idea about writing, blogging and connecting with the world somehow.

I have computer skills, but I am by no means tech savvy. I have been writing all of my life, but I have not published very much. I have written personal diaries and journals, but except for a handful of articles I do not have publishing experience. So bearing in mind all the things aforementioned that I am not, I have not and I do not, WHY? (you ask) would I even bother to take the leap of blog writing?

Well, because ideas need action. My idea of blogging needed action on my part even though I do not really know what I am doing. With great apprehension I have just taken the jump to actually start a blog – the blog leap.

I started off to do a little investigation into blogging platforms, which turned into what seemed like major research. I did run into one site that provided a lot of...

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